An educational system specialized in the lessons of memorizing the Quran and reciting it / listening to the Hadiths.

The offices and academies specialized in teaching the Quran can use to transfer their Quranic activity to the Internet

Advantages of the educational system


The teacher meets students in circles of virtual high-tech classes


The student can contact the teacher and have an interactive chat with him


The teacher can test his students by sending them introductory questions


The system reminds you of the dates of your circles and tests with notifications


Choose your preferred curriculum and start studying with an educational course system


Start with fun and interesting learning, pass the tests and move from one level to another Table of plans and functions

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    We provide you with continuous improvements.

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    We offer management, operation and follow-up services.

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    We make multimedia curricula for you (video motion graphic or infographic - e-book - graphic designs)

Table of functions

The 1st plan

The Holy Quran circles
Site installation on a separate space of 5 GB, 50 GB Band Width per month..
  • Technical support in case of any technical malfunction
  • Domain name of the institution
  • Installing the default design for Utrujja system with changing the logo and colors
  • (1) teacher chair
  • (100) students per circle / at the same time.
  • Arabic and English interface.
  • An endless number of the Holy Quran circles
  • An infinite number of students affiliated with the Maqr`a
  • Audio and video room for the Sheikh meeting with students
  • The feature of the students` Absence and attendance
  • Student evaluation
  • Training on what is being memorized in the circle
  • Chat between the teacher and the student, as well as between the teacher and the students
  • Certificate of completion of memorization, Tajweed or Ijaza
  • Materials library (books - articles - audios - videos – cards)

The 2nd plan

Self-paced educational courses and curricula
The same specifications as in the first plan
in addition to:
  • Increase the separate space to 10 GB, 100 GB Band Width per month
  • Adding an educational platform to the curricula (self-learning).
  • Multiple curricula
  • (2) teacher chairs working in parallel
  • Levels of study
  • Levels of study on each curriculum
  • Lessons for each level
  • Lessons (the lessons contain books - audios - videos - articles - cards)
  • Level tests
  • Lessons tests
  • Curriculum Certification System
  • Lectures (audio / video) related to the educational curricula
  • A dashboard that enables the student or the teacher to follow up all of his activities on the platform
  • A private library

The 3rd plan

The complete educational platform
The same specifications as in the second plan
in addition to:
  • Increase the separate space to 10 GB, 100 GB Band Width per month.
  • Added the feature of audio and video lectures related to the curriculum
  • (3) teacher chairs working in parallel
  • Arabic and English interface and two other languages.
  • Special platform design.
  • the lectures are recorded by default
  • Lectures (audio / video) related to educational curricula
  • An audio and video room for the teacher meeting with students
  • Record the lecture
  • The recorded lectures are available for download

The 4th plan

Managed full platform
The same specifications as in the third plan
in addition to:
  • Increase the separate space to 20 GB, 200 GB Band Width per month.
  • There are (5) teacher chairs working in parallel
  • In addition to 10 languages for the platform
  • Special platform design.
  • Add the feature of full management
  • Full management of the educational platform:
  • Add content (libraries)
  • Adding curricula
  • Add levels -Add lessons
  • Add questions
  • Addition of lessons and levels tests
  • Addition of circles dates
  • Managing the dates of the lectures
  • Submit a monthly report on the platform.
  • (Does not include designing or creating any parts of the content ( Curricula, Levels, Lessons, Questions, tests, Circles dates, Lectures dates))

The 5th plan

The platform is managed with simple electronic marketing
The same specifications as in the fourth plan
in addition to:
  • Educational platform marketing:
  • Management of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages
  • Digital marketing strategy for the educational platform
  • Manage ads on social media platforms with a monthly results report
  • Posting content on social media platforms
  • Sharing with the target audience through content and creative ideas that increase their connection to the platform
  • Innovating designs with new ideas that increase the interaction with the Academy.
  • It does not include advertising costs
Cloud Library

In this section you can add general materials that appear to all the unregistered visitors of the site. The materials may be







These materials are based on the Cloud Sharing system so that the materials of this library can be shared with other libraries of users of the educational system by synchronizing the material added with the midade system of saving the materials (midade knowledge base)

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Frequently asked questions

The product is available in a distinctive range of designs to choose from within the specified price plan and can be made separately for the user. The new design and activation on the site needs only a month and a half from the start to be launched.

The product with its current characteristics is included in the price plan and any adjustment to that value is estimated separately.

The product offers more than one payment method and they are increasing continuously. Currently, payment can be made by PayPal and bank transfers

The product is available in two languages, Arabic and English. Please note that this site is intended to be in more languages later

Additional services

Midade provides a complete team for all types of data entry, site management and follow-up

Midade is characterized by the production of short documentaries and infographic, which shows the pinnacle of creativity, accuracy and mastery. Midad uses the latest technical methods of editing programs and high-quality cameras, it prepares for you a "Script" designed in a scientific method and reviewd linguistically, in addition to the performance and the great voice commentary, which we choose very carefully as well as the sound effects. We have the ability to make them in most international languages.

Midade is doing your marketing with an experienced staff, increasing your participation and expansion with your target audience.Through the most widespread social media (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Linkedin ..) and other means of communication. We target your audience accurately by country - language - interests - age - type - profession - job, to realize the most accurate beneficiary of your activities.

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